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Signature Gardening Services

New Grass Installation

From basic sod installation to artificial lawn installation, we have you covered. Traditional sod lawns have instant appeal for their appearance and require pretty basic maintenance to keep them looking great. Artificial turf requires no maintenance aside from debris removal, and are great for conserving water, and for spaces that have little space for mowing.


We do anything you can think of with regards to improving the exterior of your office or home. We plant flowers, maintain and install lawns, plant trees, driveways, fences, fountains, irrigation such as sprinklers, and so much more. Inquire today if you have something else in mind, we are happy to work with you!

Weed Control

Weeds can be harmful to the plant life and wildlife around them if allowed to reach a mature stage of growth. We use cutting edge weed removal products to remove weeds at the source, all while considering the surrounding natural environment.

Free Estimates

We value the necessity of choice for our customers and our potential customers alike. When you can contact us, you can expect transparency and courtesy. We tell you what you’ll get from us and what you will be charged once the job is done. Other gardening services charge you to even consult about your gardening needs. We tell you everything you need to know free of charge.

A Journey To Excellence

At Rios Gardening we are dedicated to providing quality gardening and landscaping services on a budget that works for you. For 12 years our diverse team members have gained valuable experience in garden maintenance and design so that your garden not only lasts longer, but so that it also leaves an impactful aesthetic for anyone visiting your home or office.

Our experience has mainly resided within the San Jose South Bay area. With nothing but a plethora of outstanding results, we are proud to announce the creation of Rios Gardening, a product of experience, good taste, and knowledge.

What You Get

Great Customer Service

Our priority is to keep you, our valued customer happy. If you have any doubts about the services we provide you, we are always glad to talk and make adjustments accordingly.

Courteous Workers

We send only the most knowledgable and most trustworthy workers to your front door.  Just kick back and let us take of the rest!

Peace of Mind

We know you have important things to do whether it be errands you need to run, or the arduous struggle of running the business. Focus on what’s important in your life with Rios Gardening.

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